We're highly service oriented, and confident you will be pleased with our performance. This is our Satisfaction Guarantee. We manage 90% of your short term rental business and provide 100% guest communications for a low fee of 12.5% of your nightly rate.

No contract, no commitment. 
No hidden fees, we only make money when you do!

We keep our management fee low:
Just 12.5% of what you make.

Quality Guests

We put our hosts first by implementing strict rules and having soft background checks for each guest to keep your home safe. Whether your guest has a question about your home or needs some help booking, we answer all of their inquiries and get back to them in under 15 minutes.

property Marketing

We list you on the top sites like Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com, etc. as well as use best practices for each site to ensure high raking. We develop your property profile from scratch to promote a dazzling listing that will pull guests to book your home!

ANALyitics Pricing

What’s Your Vacation Rental Income Potential? Set the guesswork aside and get answers. Our reports will show you how your vacation rental would succeed. Reach out to get your exclusive rental income report!
Our exclusive technology monitors the competition and local demand to maximize your rental income.

24/7 communication

Don't stress about how you will manage answering the hundreds of questions that come through... We management ALL guest communication for you. We give you the freedom to use a cleaning company of your choice or pick a cleaner we’ve vetted in your neighborhood. We keep your cleaners schedules so you never have to worry about missing anything! Our team is always a phone call, text, or e-mail anytime you need us.

Owners Insurance

We partnered with industry's best vacation rental insurance to help homeowners like you become comfortable renting your home and accepting anonymous instant bookings from the internet.

$500k dwelling and accidentals
$5k for contents
$0 deductible for each reservation

Owners Portal

Freedom to use your property. You can also charge your friends, or relatives through our company at a nightly rate of your choosing. Our software offers you valuable insight on how your business is doing yearly, monthly, and daily. Have easy access to all your properties, block dates, check pricing, plus so much more.


  • Stocking of cleaning supplies. Examples: Toilet paper, paper towels, daily cleaners, carpet cleaners, light bulbs, laundry detergent and anything to keep your home up and running for guests. (Most of our clients use Amazon to re-supply. The cleaning crew will also bring boxes in.)

  • Paying the house keepers. (We disperse the cleaning fee to you in our payouts. We provide the scheduling to the crew so they know when they are needed this calendar would exclude any personal stays.)

  • Setting door code for each guests to access the property. (If you decide on a smart lock our owners normally manage the codes for the upcoming reservations. You can also use a lock box however the code will remain the same.)

  • Maintaining the property. such as gardeners/pool service/utilities/repairs etc. (We highly recommend smart devices so that you can control remotely. For the front doors, thermostats, pool heater/spa.)

  • Watching the property. We suggest all owners install outside cameras to keep an eye on your investment, we do not have access to your cameras this is up to the owner to keep in communication with us if there's any issues seen.


Property Damage & Bodily Injury


Damage to Contents & Belongings

Exclusions: Force majeure, uninsured periods, loss that cannot be tied to an insured rental, damage not caused by the guest. Damage caused by: weather, normal wear and tear, formal events. Liability related to: use of recreational equipment (ATVs, golf cart, bikes, kayaks), pets (including bites), bed bugs, viruses, bacteria, invasion of privacy, injuries a guest causes to another guest, damages a guest causes to neighbors, or property not maintained by the named insured.

Limitations: Covered up to $200: money, banknote, bullion, gold other than goldware, silver other than silverware, platinum other than platinum-ware, coins, medals, smart cards. Covered up to $2500: securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, personal records, passports, tickets and stamps, watercraft, trailers, theft or damage of jewelry, watches, furs precious and semiprecious stones, art work, firearms, silverware, goldware, platinum-ware. 

Please follow the best practices below:

  • Submit claims to us within 60 days of the loss. We understand that things may take longer, but please let us know.
  • Claims that will be over $1,000 can take up to 3 months turnaround.
  • Submit invoices or estimates that add up to the claimed amount.
  • Take great photos.
  • Photos tell the story. It is best to include a close-up, as well as a broad view.
  • Obtain a police report for stolen items.
  • General exclusions: Wear and tear, bed bugs

Send at least 3-5 different angled photos(it is best to include a close-up, as well as a broad view) and any invoices along with a description of the incident, dates, and the full name of guest.


Ready to Getaway will adjust your advertised rates as needed to cover the booking fees charged by each site and ensure you earn a similar amount regardless of where a guest books your home. It’s the best way to keep our management fee at 12.5% (applied to total base rate and fees) and get your property the exposure it deserves. We’ve created a basic example of how this might look across marketplaces.

*Actual figures may vary and can change at any time, but this should help clarify pricing and fees.


Our smart pricing system will analyze your listing and recommend daily rates based on seasonality, day of week, lead time, and local demand. Unlike most property management company you can set your bottom line price! Ensure your bottom line price with never go below the level you set. You can rest easy knowing that your daily prices are dialed in and automatically updated every night. The result is increased revenue through rate optimization, and increased productivity.


We payout every 5th and 20th of every month.
1st payout on the 5th would be any completed stays from 16th to end of every month.
2nd payout on the 20th would be any completed stays from 1st to 15th.

You'll be 1099 at the end of each year and receive any taxes paid by property management for you to then reconcile with your state. *Taxes paid to state are dependent on the state your property is located in.
*If you get your taxes paid out to you every 2 weeks you are responsible for paying that to the state/city.